Hi my name is Shakeel Bartholomew

I graduated college in June 2017 with a bachelors degree for respiratory therapy. After working in the hospital for a while I realized that I needed more sources of income and preferably one that didn't require me to physically do anything. I began looking on youtube for different side hustles and came across stocks and day trading. As I started studying stocks I was exposed to forex on social media and took a liking to that instead after seeing the high profit potential and flexibility. I began my trading journey in March 2019 and it was a rocky start. I began reading books and studying endless hours on the charts. After about a year of countless hours studying everything finally clicked. The information started to make sense and I began to see the charts with much more clarity. Now I can equivalent reading charts to reading a good suspense book. After working on my strategy for months I was able to pass the FTMO challenge which has only a 5% win rate. After meeting this accomplishment I knew the sky was the limit and then I began to spread knowledge about day trading to those who wanted to learn from me.

What will I have access to?

What you’re getting when you enroll into Ivy League Profits Academy is full mentorship from Shakeel Bartholomew. Ivy League Profits focuses on one trading style from Shakeel Bartholomew. Here we provide an online educational platform that will provide you structured information on how to trade. We teach beginner through advance level so no prior knowledge is needed before enrolling. What is taught in the course is technical analysis, trading psychology, how to set up your trading platform onto your device, and more. After enrolling you will have access to the Ivy League Profits Academy Discord channel, downloadable files, and periodic webinars. 


I was able to successfully complete the challenge with also a good win rate

Good Risk Management

Using Good Risk Management is key to becoming a profitable trader

Frequently Asked Questions?

What style do you use?

Intraday/swing trading. 

Is there a community?

Yes, we have a discord channel.

Is forex hard?

If you put the time in, then your results will show.

How fast can I learn how to trade?

This depends on the individuals learning speed and how many hours they apply to the charts.

Are there webinars?

Yes there will be webinars periodically. 

Refund policy?

Unfortunately no refunds. All sales are final.

Do you give signals?

We are not a signal service. Our mission is to provide you with knowledge to trade independently.